Our service and products:

PRIND d.o.o. (PRIND Ltd.), an enterprise with 25-year old tradition, is active in the field of mechanical metalworking and the cold forming of metallic materials. Our basic activity is the mechanical metal and plastics treatment, i.e. CNC milling, classical milling and turning, boring and thread cutting. The main part of our program covers above all the production of mechanical parts and communication systems, electronics and measuring systems. Apart from that we also manufacture a wide variety of other metal products according to sketch and desire of the client. In doing so, we endeavour to accommodate to and fulfil all your desires and requirements and, in addition to that, also provide for proper consultation.

High-q uality production, flexibility and a competitive position are goals and also the guiding ideas of our work. We pursue new technologies and look for possibilities for new fields of activity. The emphasis, however, is on the quality and professionality of performing a service.

A special program of our enterprise is the production of toggle latches for different applications from high-quality stainless steel and pickled sheet metal. They can be attached to different items, where a simple latch and a trouble-free assembly are in demand.

A supplementary product line within our enterprise is the production of brackets from stainless steel for structural glass facades, front glazing and aluminum glazings in the building industry.

The spectrum of possible uses of toggle latches is very broad, areas of application are the following:

  • In furniture and wood industry these toggle latches are used as system for locking wooden chests, suit-cases, for assembly of modular tables, locking auxiliary doors and drawers, and for assembly of advertisement hoardings
  • When performing installation works (thermal isolation, piping, assembly of air conditioning systems)
  • In the field of maritime travel, toggle latches are used for the interior equipment of sailing boats and on the spots exposed to sea water, where a simple latch is in demand
  • In the milk industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry, where hygienically perfect equipment (e.g. milk transport container, distilling apparatus, temperature retaining container, kettle for brandy and so on) is required
  • In the automobile industry these toggle latches are used as system for locking passenger car trailer doors and doors of truck trailers with smaller carrying capacity
  • For production of packing material, where the latches are used for locking wooden, metal and cardboard packing (wooden boxes for transporting weapons, stainless wine containers, cases for transporting music instruments)
  • In the production process of auxiliary machinery for agricultural purposes and equipment for stables

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